Anti-aging skin care for over 50

Dermatologists suggest that if you reach the age of 50, your skin starts to mature. This means you must take special care and use only high qualitative products to keep your skin young and radiant for many years to come!

In this article I would like to introduce you to a product from which we think, it is one of those absolute must-haves; an indispensable helper for the skincare for over 50.

Exactly, when the body slows down to produce estrogen varies from woman to woman. In most cases, this unpleasant effect begins during menopause. The entire hormone production begins to dwindle. Above all other hormones, it is the estrogen level, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Unfortunately, this hormone rapidly decreases.

To help your skin during this time, I would like to introduce you to Complete Age Control Concentrate. This serum takes care of the appearance of wrinkles, giving you a radiant, moisturized and youthful-looking skin.

What happens to my skin from 50 onwards?

At a young age, the body replicates the collagen protein in the skin with the help of estrogen and progestin. The more collagen the skin produces, the more elasticity it has. But this elasticity decreases with age. Through the entire hormone change during menopause, the skin gets thinner. From 50 onwards, it looks dry and shows less and less tension.

Another side effect of aging is the slowing of cell formation. From a certain age, the body can only slowly form new skin cells, which also leads to a change in the appearance of your skin.

It is long known that with additional hyaluronic acid, you can support your body and thus ensure a healthy and well-moistened skin. At the same time, you are preventing further wrinkles. The drawback only is, that hyaluronic acid applied to the skin mitigates the problem only temporarily. To enjoy the full profit of hyaluronic acid, you needed to take capsules.

Not so with the Complete Age Control Concentrate

All you need to do is cleansing your skin morning and night. Apply the Complete Age Control Concentrate gently and smooth over your face until completely absorbed from the skin. Over time you will see the result. As if the time was turned back!

What care does my skin need from 50 onwards?

Especially during menopause, good skin care is essential. The hormonal change, which begins in menopause, cannot be stopped. Good skincare reduces small wrinkles, stimulates blood circulation and prevents dry and chapped skin.

Supporting your skin from 50 onwards means providing it with enough moisture. Equally important is a clean skin, without impurities. This will give you an even complexion and leaves you looking fresh and younger than you really are!

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