Creating a skincare routine based on your skin type

Similar to just about anything in life, your ideal skincare routine will be unique to you.

We cannot stress enough the importance of finding and sticking to a good quality skincare routine. Not only can it transform the quality of your skin now but it can heavily influence how your skin ages over the years.

When it comes to approaching skincare, we believe that prevention is key and taking proactive steps now to improve the form of your skin will yield amazing future results.

You may be sitting there wondering how to best approach creating your ideal skincare routine and how to know it is the correct one for you. That is why in this post we are going to be discussing how to create a skincare routine based on your skin type! This is because the type of skin you have heavily influences the types of products that are most effective and the best course of action for battling your skincare needs.

In this guide you will be learning
> The types of skin types there are and which category you best fit into.
> The types of products that work best for each of the skin types.
> How to consciously curate your perfect skincare routine with the right products.

Identifying your skincare type
It is an incredibly important step in the process of finding your skincare routine to first identify the type of skin you have. This is because the suggested skincare routine will be vastly different from the next, dependent on what kind of treatment your skin requires.

Your skincare type: Normal skin
If you find that you can cruise through life unconcerned about your skincare and still be blessed with beautifully balanced skin then you are extremely lucky. This ‘normal’ skin type means that you do not struggle with any particular skincare issues and do not have any obvious product requirements for a skincare concern. However, and we cannot emphasize this enough – it is still incredibly important to adopt a skincare routine that keeps your normal skin in tip top shape. While there are no glaringly obvious issues and solutions, it should be a priority to maintain the great health of your skin and ensure that you keep an eye on the changing requirements as you age.

Your skincare type: Dry skin
If you have dry skin, simply put it means that your skin is producing less oil than that of normal skin. The main concern with this is that you may find yourself more prone to gaining fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and mouth. Dryness can often increase with weather changes and go through stages of being manageable to extremely dry. Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, dry skin is all about hydration and ensuring that we use products to lock in as much moisture into the skin as possible. We are looking to pick up the slack of what your skin is naturally producing in terms of oil and balance out your skin hydration levels with substitutes that can definitely do the trick.

Your skincare type: Oily or acne prone skin
Ailments you may suffer as part of having oily skin include enlarged pores and blackheads. You may also suffer from acne of cystic acne flair ups and struggle to overcome this skincare woes. We definitely understand your situation and feel for you! We know that it can really eat away at your confidence when you are struggling with acne prone skin. There are definitely many ways you can learn to better understand and treat your particular skin type so do not fear that you will struggle forever. When it comes to treating oily and acne prone skin, it is all about reducing the amount of oil on the skin that the body is over-producing. This means conducting your skincare routine perhaps more regularly than you otherwise would with normal and dry skin. Especially if you exercise a lot or live in a humid climate, you will find it necessary to wash your face at least twice a day as a routine.

Your skincare type: Combination skin

If you have been reading all about normal, dry and oily skin types but feel as though none of them fit your skin situation quite right then you may have combination skin. This means that you may experience a wide range of skincare concerns and have multiple afflictions affect your skin condition. You may experience dry skin on your forehead, blackheads on your nose and perfectly normal skin elsewhere.

Specific skincare concerns
You may have specific skincare concerns which may include enlarged pores, blackheads, discoloration, redness etc. In the next section we will be discussing the ideal products for each of these concerns so read on to find out how to most effectively treat these skincare woes.

Matching the right products to your skin type

The interesting thing to note is that your skin type can change over time, so it is important to be continually monitoring how your skin is reacting to certain products and changing them accordingly. But now that you have identified the exact skin type that you have, we can address your current skin concerns and identify the best products for the job as of now. However, it is incredibly important to keep an eye on how your skin reacts to these products and be flexible in adapting your skincare routine as your skin changes. 

Products for Normal skin
Skincare for normal skin means the priority is supporting your skin through the aging process and preventing any premature fine lines or wrinkles. We recommend a good quality facial cleanser and a regular moisturizer. Our ultra-gentle cleanser for all skin types i
s the perfect choice for you and our Complete Moisture Cream for all skin types is the perfect moisturizer solution for normal skin.

Products for Dry skin
For dry skin we always recommend intense hydrating serums and moisturizers to be used daily. The products we recommend for dry skin are our Anti-Aging Retinol Hydrating Cream and Ultra Hydrating Serum. Retinol is the active ingredient within some of our dry skin solutions because it has been linked to majorly increasing hydration within skin. This is because it promotes the rapid turnover of skin cells which means that it breaks away the dry layers of skin and provides you with a fresh new layer of perfectly hydrated skin.

When it comes to dry skin, you are also advised to look into skincare for sensitive skin, as some products formulated mostly for normal or oily skin could be too harsh for your dry skin. Gentle and hydrating products are always best when dealing with the dry skin type.

Products for Combination skin
While this can seem tricky to treat to begin with, we recommend trusting your intuition and mixing and matching products from each of the skincare types to properly treat the skin in each area on your face. While at first this involves a bit more investing in products, long-term the results will be well worth it because you have tailor made a routine perfectly suited to your skin type.

Products for Oily or acne prone skin
With oily skin, it is incredibly important to ensure you get a deep cleanse so we recommend the Deep Purifying Cleanser for acne-prone skin to ensure a thorough clean. Follow it up with the Deep Purifying Serum for acne-prone skin to hydrate while still controlling the levels of oils in the skin. If you feel you require a bit more hydration (because skin can be dry and oily at the same time) we recommend the Deep Purifying Cream for acne-prone skin.

Products for Sensitive skin
If you struggle with sensitive skin – know that we understand your struggle. It can be incredibly frustrating to have your skin react to new products that you invest money into! We definitely recommend our gentle purifying cleanser for sensitive skin because it is especially formulated to not irritate sensitive skin types.

Specific skincare conditions
If you suffer from dullness in your skin we recommend the Vitamin C Power Mask.
For those of you looking to firm up your skin, we would highly recommend trying out Firmlift cream. Recognized for improve tone and firmness of the skin, it helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines and enhance appearance.

We have many different products for all skin types, so enjoy browsing through the range of skincare solutions we offer and finding the perfect products for you.

Remember that when it comes to skincare routines, there is no doubt that consistency is key! Formulating the right skincare routine for you is just the start but ensuring that you carry out the regimen daily is another beast to tackle. Once you get in the habit of applying your skincare routine daily, it will be like second nature, but you will also have to ensure you don’t lose motivation and make your skincare routine a priority.

Great skincare results come from consistent and unwavering use of skincare products that suit your skin type! We hope that within this article you have been armed with all the necessary information to conscious curate your ideal regimen and properly care for your skin in the way it requires.

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