Facial masks and why they should never be missing

If you are new to facial masks, you might ask whether they are just trendy or indeed help protect your skin against harmful environmental influences, stress and mitigate the signs of natural aging.

In a nutshell, facial masks provide your skin with the essential nutrients needed to look healthy and beautiful. Since most of the nutrients and vitamins cannot be absorbed through the diet, a facial mask might be what you need.

If you don’t have one already, you might try the Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask. A great product manufactured only from natural ingredients, which supports your skin, giving you a fresh and revitalizing look. It is rich in minerals and clarifies your skin, leaving you feeling silky and smooth.

The beautiful thing about a facial mask is, you can integrate it into your everyday life, giving you and your skin a much-needed break. With the Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask, you do not need to look for another facial mask. Neither do you need to wonder which facial mask is right for your skin type? The way the Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask is manufactured, it is suitable for every skin type!

5 tips for the application of your facial mask to achieve better results

  • Begin with cleansing your face thoroughly. You can use a tonic; this way, your skin absorbs the active ingredients of the facial mask better.

  • Use a clean sponge moistened with lukewarm water to remove the mask.

  • If you used foam or a creamy mask, gently massage the remains of the application into the skin.

  • Do not exceed the prescribed application time.

Benefits of a facial mask

  • Provide the skin with essential nutrients

  • Achieve immediate effects and visibly radiate the skin

  • Usual care routine is supported and intensified

  • Depending on the skin type, facial masks have a nourishing, deep cleansing, soothing or refreshing effect

  • They smooth wrinkles

  • Help to alleviate skin problems

Types of facial masks available in the market

Facial masks fulfil different requirements as well as provide support for different skin types

Those are the masks available on the market

  • Cream masks – for blemished or dry skin

  • Gel masks - for oily or mature skin

  • Foam masks - for normal skin

  • Peeling masks - for impure skin

  • Fleece masks - for all skin types

  • Peel-off masks - for blemished skin

Facial masks are an effective way to support your everyday skincare

Facial masks, such as the Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask, are designed to complete your skincare ritual. In this context, facial masks have a special place among all other skincare products. They contain active ingredients in a concentrated form in a way, which makes it easier to absorb within a short time. They are effective immediately by giving your skin a healthier and refreshed look. Besides, the facial mask tightens the pores of your face, giving you a radiant appearance. With the right facial mask, skin problems are treated successfully, which positively influences your overall skin condition.

The Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask has many uses

With the right facial mask, you can treat many common skin problems

  • Increased sebum production

  • Enlarged pores

  • Pumps

  • Increased redness or pigmentation disorders

  • Wrinkles in the short term

  • A pale complexion and even

  • Stressed skin looks revived after a refreshing, moisturizing facial mask application.

A facial mask for the mature skin

If your skin starts to show the first signs of aging, it is necessary to counteract those signs with an anti-aging mask for mature skin. Of course, they do not stop the process of aging, but those masks combined with other skincare according to your age help to slow down and delay the aging process. Those facial masks rebuild and nurture adequately mature skin. They help to strengthen the skin structure by providing for anti-aging ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the skin. The result is a firm, regenerated complexion and immediately smoothed wrinkles. Depending on the active ingredient composition, different types of masks have a stimulating, refreshing, restorative, cleansing, balancing, or calming effect.

Application of the Clarifying Glacial Clay Face Mask

With your fingertips, apply an even layer of the Glacial Clay Mask to your entire face, neck, and body as desired. Leave on for 15-20 minutes or until dry and gently remove with a clean face cloth and warm water. A natural sensation may occur, but if your skin feels irritated, discontinue use.

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