Gentle Purifying Cleanser for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin: easy to recognize, difficult to care for!

The boundaries between dry and sensitive skin are often fluid. Healthy skin is recognized by its undamaged acid mantle and well-balanced production of sebum and moisture. A greasy skin, on the other hand, is, on average thicker and, therefore, less susceptible to environmental influences and allergies. However, sensitive skin often lacks moisture and natural, protective fatty acids. It also reacts more quickly to external factors with inflammatory or allergic reactions.

Key factors of a sensitive skin

  • Sensitive skin is prone to irritation, redness and inflammation

  • People with sensitive skin often suffer from allergies

  • Oils such as evening primrose or almond oil have a calming effect

  • An appointment with the dermatologist is advisable

  • Sensitive skin often tends to itchy skin redness and eczema

How to recognize sensitive skin

Compared to other skin types, sensitive skin is thin, dry and often cracked.

These characteristics are often accompanied by a tendency to skin irritation, inflammation, redness and desquamation. Sensitive skin often reacts with allergies to various substances it gets into contact with. The most common allergens include cosmetics, household cleaners, detergents and personal care products. Even diseases such as rosacea, keratinization or oral rose (perioral dermatitis) can be an indication of hypersensitive skin.

If you think you have highly sensitive skin, you must always keep it clean. Make sure that you always use pure cleansers. This will prevent further damage to the skin.

If you have not decided on a skin cleanser yet, you might try the Gentle Purifying Cleanser for sensitive skin.

This cleanser was developed especially for this problematic skin type. It is a rich and natural herbal blend, which cleans your skin deeply while nourishing it at the same time. The unique formula includes Shea Butter, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Tangerine, Orange, Potassium Sorbate and Coconut Oil. The Gentle Purifying Cleanser for sensitive skin does not only feel great, but it also smells fresh and revitalizing. Once you tried the purifier for sensitive skin and experienced its benefits, you will not want to use anything else anymore. The results are truly impressive!

Sensitive skin and proper care: that’s what you can do

A fundamental problem in the care of sensitive skin is its possible reaction to the ingredients of your skincare products as well as cosmetics.

The right care considers the tendency of sensitive skin to dryness. Therefore, possible allergens and aggressive substances such as alcohol are avoided. Certain herbal ingredients, such as calendula, provide an anti-inflammatory effect in ointments or creams. Gentle oils such as evening primrose oil or almond oil have a calming impact on the sensitive skin.


  • Sensitive skin is difficult to differentiate from dry skin

  • Many diseases can be associated with both types of skin

  • Sensitive skin almost always tends to an allergic reaction.

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