The beginners guide to handling acne flare ups

We know how hard it can be to struggle from acne and understand the pain; not only physical but also the mental anguish that comes with handling flare ups. It is a condition that can be debilitating, If you find that you are going through a rough patch with your skin requirements and feel you have recently been on an uphill battle against acne, we are here to help!

Relax and focus
While waking up to a giant pimple on your forehead can definitely be a cause for alarm, stress will only make the breakout worse and encourage further breakouts. The body releases cortisol when it is stressed and like with any negative hormone, it can wreak havoc on your body and skin. The first step to handling an acne flare up is to take it in your stride and focus on how to most effectively treat it.

Avoiding blocked pores
Along with acne flare ups come many bacteria and other nasties. A lot of times acne is often the result of blocked pores which can occur for many reasons including;
- Not showering off sweat after working out.
- Not exfoliating properly and dead skin cells causing blockages
- Excessive production of naturally occurring oils in the skin
- Bodily oils becoming trapped within your pores and causing breakouts.

Keep the skin cleansed
When dealing with an acne flare up, we recommend cleansing the skin at least twice daily to remove excess oils from the surface and attempt to penetrate the pores and dislodge blockages. We recommend using our ‘Deep Purifying Cleanser’ for acne-prone skin to treat acne flare ups. The main benefit in our formulation is that it is completely oil free so not to add further stress to the skin. It offers a deep cleansing solution to penetrate the pores and remove dirt. Without irritating the skin, you are able to properly care for your acne flare up and begin the healing process for your skin.

A specialized serum
Our ‘Deep Purifying Serum’ is specifically formulated for acne-prone skin and powerfully protects your skin from acne breakouts. Not only does it prevent acne flare ups, but it also effectively manages existing ones, encouraging them to heal faster. This serum aims to kill germs and bacteria that lead to skin impediments such as acne flare ups.

Don’t skimp on the hydration
While yes acne does stem from an overproduction of oil, it is still crucial to use a lightweight moisturizer that helps balance the oil levels in the skin. Often times, an overproduction of oil is actually a result of not properly maintaining the oil levels of the skin. Our Deep Purifying Cream works to purify, washing away excess oils while still maintaining good levels of hydration.

Increase the Vitamin C Dosage
Vitamin C has two main benefits working for it; the antibacterial properties and its ability to heal damaged skin. Our ‘Deep Purifying Cream’ actually contains powerful Vitamin C within its formulation to kill nasty bacteria to promote healing during an acne flare ups.

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