The reasons you must moisturize your skin

There is no denying that moisturizer is a key ingredient to any successful skincare routine, regardless of your skin type. In this feature we are going to be discussing the necessity of moisturizer, the relevant benefits of incorporating it into your skincare routine as well as some product recommendations to consider.

With so many environmental factors that can affect the moisture levels of your skin, it is critical to ensure you do your best to maintain ideal amounts of hydration within your skincare routine. Environmental factors such as pollution, dusty climates, humid conditions or air with high levels of pollen can have detrimental impacts on how your skin holds hydration. Even more so, your exposure to sun light can greatly affect the moisture levels of your skin, drying out any type of skin to some extent.

Using a facial moisturizer daily is recommended for optimal hydration because it assists in balancing your skins’ existing natural production levels of oils. While it can be tempting to skip the moisturizer if you have oily skin, you may be surprised to realize that using a moisturizer can actually assist in evening out oil production. Using a moisturizer on your oily skin sends the signal on a cellular level to stop overproducing oil, because there is an abundance of moisture already and there is no need for more.

For dry skin, moisturizer is ESSENTIAL and many different variations may be required to reach those optimal levels of hydration. The way that this works is the hydrating products penetrate the surface layer of your skin to commence hydration from the outside level. Hydrating products can turn your dry skin from dull and flaky to smooth and dewy.

For ageing skin, you really cannot get a more effective treatment than a moisturizer. As skin ages, it begins to dry out and as such the formation of fine lines and wrinkles begin to take effect. In order to prevent the aging process, as well as minimize the existing effects of time, using a daily moisturizer will assist in plumping the skin and keeping the surface layers hydrated so to minimize potential further aging effects.

As you can imagine, for combination skin, the hydrating products work for your skin type with both the benefits of balancing oil production levels and properly moisturizing your surface layers of skin.

There are numerous products from our range that can assist in boosting hydration levels and you are sure to find the perfect solution for you. Firstly, the ultra-hydrating serum is a lightweight and highly absorbable formula that leaves your skin hydrated yet still feeling lightweight. As for the triple hydrating gel - this kind of formulation is great if you dislike the greasy feeling of heavier moisturizers. The complete moisture cream is for those of you who prefer a more decadent formulation that locks in and seals moisture into the skins surface.

Consistency is important when it comes to using moisturizer within your skincare routine because it takes time and dedication to keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized, deeper than the surface level. Skipping even one day can be detrimental to the progress you have made in balancing oil production levels and building up hydration within the skin cells.

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