Why do you need exfoliants?

Our skin is one of the most incredible organs we have and it does obtain the ability to naturally turnover dead skin cells, replacing them with a fresh new layer of skin underneath. Unfortunately, this natural process is not always as effective as we would like it to be and at times it requires a helping hand to most efficiently remove old layers of skin. Skin exfoliants have been huge within the skincare industry for years and it is no surprise that they are still a core ingredient in any skincare routine. Their effectiveness comes from the fact that they are able to flawlessly eliminate any dead skin cells or traces of impurities on the skin. A good skincare exfoliant has the ability to absorb excess sebum, making it the perfect all in one for those who have oily skin types. You may find when using an exfoliant that it also has the ability to tighten the pores of your skin for a visibly smoother complexion.

If you struggle with larger pores, you will find that using an exfoliant will tighten the pores of your skin and as such improve the overall texture you experience.

Dull skin can also greatly benefit by incorporating a moisturizer into the mix because it benefits the complexion to appear visibly unified and bright.

Of course, the above benefits of an exfoliant are all flow on effects by the primary advantage of exhibiting new skin that is ready to receive appropriate care of that all of the dead skin cells have been removed.

Our gentle touch exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and is a top solution for your exfoliant skincare needs.

You may be wondering how an exfoliant can work to produce such incredible skincare results. It comes down to the AHA and BHA ingredients contained within our exfoliant formulation. AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids and BHA represents Beta Hydroxy Acids. These key ingredients are used to assist removal of dead skin cells and bringing to the surface a beautiful new layer of freshly exposed skin. Not only does this process improve your overall complexion but it also allows for your other skincare products to work their magic more effectively. A fresh new layer of skin is much better at absorbing hydration or taking on the ingredients from serums, as such boosting the overall benefits of your overall skincare routine.

We recommend our ‘Gentle Touch Exfoliant’ which is suitable for all skin types and is gentle enough to not have any negative side effects that come along with harsher and more chemical based products. Our exfoliant is based on ‘Kaolin’ which is a natural white clay that assists in absorbing excess sebum and as such, refreshing the skin. This ingredient is also widely known as an effective astringent that helps tighten pores and improve the overall texture of your skin.

You will come to find our exfoliant is purifying, soothing, repairing and protecting so we believe it is the perfect addition to your weekly skincare detox. We would highly recommend incorporating an exfoliant into your weekly routine to see the kinds of benefits it can contribute to your overall skin health.

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