FRESCELL Ultralift Serum for all skin types
FRESCELL Ultralift Serum for all skin types 30 ml

Ultralift Serum for all skin types 30 ml

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  • For a tired complexion

  • For all skin types especially mature skin, lacking firmness


  • Immediate tightening effect

  • Intensely moisturizes the skin

  • Covers imperfections

  • Unifies uneven skin tone

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Firms the skin


  • Non- greasy light finish

  • The appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots is reduced

  • The skin appears visibly smoother and softer to the touch

  • The face regains its shape


Morning and/or evening, apply on cleansed skin. Massage the skin gently until completely absorbed. Follow with the appropriate skin care products. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Main Ingredients:

Spilanthes acmella Flower Extract, Kigelia africana Fruit Extract, Quillaja saponaria Bark Extract, Pullulan, Soy Protein, Horse Chestnut Fruit Extract, Cornflower Flower Water, Bisabolol, Silica.

Additional Ingredient Information:

Spilanthes acmella Flower Extract:

  • Especially effective in anti-aging care for the facial contour

  • Source of peptides that promotes the regeneration and protection of the skin's moisture barrier

  • Immediate tightening effect that helps firm the skin and smooth wrinkles

  • Tonifying, it helps revitalize the skin

Kigelia africana Fruit Extract:

  • Rich in flavonoids and saponins

  • Helps improve elasticity and firmness

  • Antioxidant, it helps protect the skin from external aggressions

  • Repair, it helps to regenerate the moisture barrier of the skin

Quillaja saponaria Bark Extract:

  • Panama wood rich in saponins with emollient properties

  • Tonifying, it helps to revitalize the skin

  • Soothing, it helps to relieve redness and itching

  • Softens the skin thus promoting its elasticity


  • Polysaccharide produced by biofermentation

  • Forms a moisturizing non-occlusive film that helps fix water molecules on the surface

  • Helps improve skin texture and gives instantaneous firmness

  • Leaves a pleasant feeling of softness to the skin

Soy Protein:

  • Proteins classified as hypoallergenic, gluten-free and GMO-free

  • Protein rich in peptides with antioxidant effects that helps protect against external aggressions and prevent the signs of aging

  • Stimulating, it helps to give tone to the skin

  • Helps nourish the skin by moisturizing it

Horse Chestnut Fruit Extract:

  • Rich in antioxidant compounds and Esculine, a glucose-based active with soothing and protective properties

  • Helps to relieve the redness and itching caused by external aggressions

  • Helps improve skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles and fine lines

Cornflower Flower Water:

  • Soothing, it helps relieve feelings of discomfort, tightness and redness

  • Tonic, it helps energize and revitalize the skin


  • Repair and protector, it helps regenerate the skin's moisture barrier and protect it from external aggressions

  • Soothing, it helps to calm redness and itching


  • Mattifying, it helps to cover imperfections and even skin tone

  • Helps to make skin visibly smoother and radiant complexion

  • Leaves skin with a soft, silky and satiny touch feel

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